Chris & Spencer

Chris & Spencer are a couple of high school friends that discovered a passion for woodworking a little over a year and a half ago.

We live and operate out of Adel, Iowa.

That passion has evolved with time and it now encompasses more than just woodworking. We have incorporated several new skills that we have learned in our short time. We implement them almost daily!

Here is a quick list of things we can do for you. We turn wood (pens, rings, bowls bottle stoppers), we cast with resin (a product that we use with various items like wood, by itself, metal shavings etc) and we stabilize wood (a process to impregnate wood and various other items to make them stronger).

We hope you enjoy following us on our journey!

Chris and Spencer

Please visit ourĀ Shop to see several of our custom pieces or visit our Facebook and give us a like!

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