Beard Products

This section contains Cater Canyon Beard products such as:

  1. Oils (available in 1 ounce dropper bottles)
  2. Samplers
  3. Combs

Oils & Sampler:

All of our beard oils will leave your beard full, soft, and healthy. They will also help to reduce itchy and flaky skin as well as make your hair softer to the touch. Your beard will be left looking and feeling healthier. Not to mention the great smell!

At the present time, we have 20 beard oils at our ready. The Beard Oil Sampler  contains the  varieties we currently offer. However, there are only 8 that we offer year round. We currently have Bacon and Campfire as seasonal limited releases.

From time time, others will be special releases. We also have one especially for the holiday season.

The other available scents are as follows:

1. Forrest Clearing Our friend Forrest said this one reminded him of cleaning up his tree line.

2. Focus This is a combination of mint and citrus and that combo really goes well together.

7. Lemon Lime This one is pretty self explanatory.

9. Bushman + The same as the Bushman but with a little calming lavender added.

13. Original A combination of manly and outdoorsy scents.

16. Cedar smells just like cutting into a piece of wood while building a deck!

17. The Humidor Imagine walking into a humidor. You will now smell like that!

18. Campfire no explanation necessary!

19. Bacon Mmmmmmm!

21. Coffee Fresh brewed coffee with a hint of vanilla.

If ordering beard oil and you are looking for a recommendation, we suggest Cedar or The Humidor.


Combs measure 5.5″ wide by 2.5″ tall and .25″ thick. (Thickness may vary)

Every comb is made by hand on a per purchase basis, therefore there will be a couple days lead time before we actually ship.