Call Blanks

Here you will find a variety of blanks. From wood, stabilized wood, resin or a combination of all.

If you are a turner, feel free to look around and let me know if you have any questions or would like to customize a blank.

All casting resin I use is alumilite clear and cast at 59 psi. The colors I use for casting are from a wide assortment of companies.
Here is a picture of my current color options.

All blanks that are stabilized were stabilized with cactus juice. If the cactus juice was dyed I either used Alumilite dye or the Turntex line of dyes.

Most of our call blanks are roughly 1.5″-2″ square. Some might be a hair shy of 1.5″. Lengths are typically around 6″.
Each listing will have a brief description with dimension.

If I see there are “issues” with a blank, I post them with a picture so you can see it. Even if I think it is superficial and will turn out.

I have used some photo editing with almost all pictures. That editing only includes upping the brightness. By doing so I made it so the picture more closely depicts how the blank actually looks in person. In almost every case, the pictures I took were much darker and made the blank look darker than it actually was.

I stand behind my blanks. If you have any issues, please reach out and I will make it right.

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